Month: August 2016

9 Indispensible Mobile Apps For Business

  Mobile apps changed everything. They are the staple of every smartphone today and webmasters along with business owners have all taken to it in a big way. Yet, there are many who haven’t. Or maybe they do but it already we thought we’ll scrutinize the ever-growing list of apps for business owners and point out a few apps that can help any business owner to do better. According to a feature on CNN Money, which alludes to a research finding from the Ericsson, mobile traffic on data networks has been growing more than 100% through 2016. has...

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Author App: Digital Publishing Finally Looks Hot

Today, all brands are publishers. Individuals and businesses alike have already embraced the power of blogging and the exhaustive list of benefits information-based marketing has in an age when consumers have low patience levels and an average of attention span that’s shorter than that of a GoldFish. A Study reveals that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000, or around the time the mobile revolution began, to eight seconds. Meanwhile, visual content has never played a more important role to maximize your digital presence. According to Tom More, founder of Slidely, “Visuals have a...

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Appointlet: Making Scheduling Appointments Easy

We are all in sales, as Dan Pink advocates in his book To Sell Is Human. Whether you are a freelancer, a self-employed professional, a business owner, an executive, or even a nobody. We are always selling, pitching, convincing, persuading, and hustling (and hustle doesn’t always involve cash). For those who have to make a living, you’ll often have to bring in decision makers. As a sales professional, business owner, or a freelancer, you’d have to setup appointments, calls, web conferences, and meetings with clients. There are tons of Appointment scheduling tools – both free and paid – but...

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7 Cool Business Tools You Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s a cool, tool world out there today. I discover at least one new tool everyday I set out to browse. My “to review” list grows by the day and I can’t seem to get enough of writing about tools – old and new. So, you won’t see me stopping anytime soon and that brings me to the topic at hand. Here are some cool, awesome tools you should consider for your business: Quill Engage by Narrative Science Let’s take a pop quiz: when was the last time you buried your head into Google Analytics? In case you did,...

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Rewst: Twitter Marketing Made Easy

If you are on Twitter, you’d be there to ensure that you grow your organic followers, make an impact with your influence, build your network, and have conversations (or you can build real relationships). It’s another thing that you also get branding impressions, mentions (getting noticed?), and probably even be able to sell sometimes (although you shouldn’t be doing this thinking that Twitter is an actual marketplace, because it’s not. Whatever your goals are, while you are on Twitter, the more followers you have, the better you can squeeze out what you need off it. Note: growing followers by...

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