Day: May 2, 2016

WordPress Marketing Plugins: Power Up Your Business Now

If you are reading this, you are mostly on WordPress. More than 25% of the web is powered by WordPress and I won’t be surprising if you are on WordPress too. With WordPress, you can be up and running in minutes (unless you decide not to). You can fail with the platform. Here’s proof: (Courtesy, WPEngine ) One of the best things about WordPress is the seamless way it helps you create a digital platform for your business — ready with a blog, social media sharing buttons, opt-in forms, and pretty much everything else. Every major marketing automation platform,...

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7 Business Apps That Make Life Easier For Entrepreneurs

You might think that it’s just about a few hours a day, but it all adds up. According to Gabrielle Carol of FoxBusiness, small business owners waste a — wait for it — 4 billion (with a B) hours each year on tasks. The time that could have been spent better elsewhere. It hurts. I can’t see it happen to you and neither do I want that for myself. Here are a few tools that help take some of those tasks away from your shoulders: WebEngage When more than 90% of your visitors leave, you do have a reason...

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