Day: April 28, 2016

Top DIY Website Builders: Web Designers Rest In Peace

Remember the days when you’d have to look for a website designer or developer just to get your website done? Sooner or later, this breed of web designers are going to be extinct. If you can point the mouse on a button and click, you can build a website yourself. This is the era of web-based tools that can sometimes decimate an entire population of professionals. Say hello to DIY website builders. What started off as a fancy experiment is now a worldwide revolution. How long does it take to make a website, you ask? How about 4 hours?...

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Smart Recruiters: Hiring On Social Media Gets Better

Are you a small business going through the usual hiring blues? When more than 1.59 billion people are on Facebook and while 150+ million professionals spend time trying to find jobs, network with others, and create relationships that last a lifetime, why not use a recruiting tool that co-rides the power of social media? 70% of companies already use social media while hiring staff. Social media behavior of potential candidates is already a major factor when it comes to decision making for recruiters. How Smart is Smart Recruiters? Smart Recruiters plugs your business into social media and helps you...

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