Day: April 26, 2016

Forget Getting Leads. Your LiveChat Can Do Better

There’s human inaction and there’s human interaction. From a strict business point of view, the former doesn’t make money while the latter is the key to successful marketing. Most websites can do better with some live action. When visitors come visiting, let there be a few sweet nothings. It doesn’t hurt. Plus, it might just help you in getting leads. You don’t have to be a coding ninja to get a live chat Widget up on your home page or landing pages. You just have to drop a line of Javascript code perhaps. Thanks to all the tools like Intercom,...

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Brand24: Monitor Your Social, Like a Pro

Between any two companies that offer more or less the same thing, it’s often customer support, of the fact that you (as a potential customer) know the company well enough, or when the company itself is pro-active (on social media or through any other means). I am pro-active on social media and I love it when other companies are just that proactive. Even though they don’t have to, some companies go out of the way. They hustle. They reach out. They go out of their way. Brand24 is a social monitoring tool, but that’s not what’s making me write...

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