Day: April 25, 2016

Shopify Apps: The Best Your Shopify Store Can Get

Paul Graham of YCombinator has this to say about ecommerce, “Overall,the web is pretty sloppy, but an ecommerce store can’t afford to be” Lucky for us, tools like Shopify “don’t allow” you to be sloppy. Shopify is a mega ecommerce platform, and it’s one of the best things that ever happened to ecommerce. Today, it’s just a matter of signing up with Shopify, for instance, and get that store up and running within a day. That’s a long shot away from being profitable with ecommerce though. You ecommerce store has a lot to carry on its shoulders. It has...

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GoSquared: Simplified, But Powerful Analytics

How successful you are with business is a matter of how well you know your numbers. For most of us, it always begins with Google Analytics, and there’s no question that the free analytics tool from Google is the best thing you can ever get for your money. So, you do have Google Analytics, and there are at least four other analytics tools you can swear by. For some of us though, something is amiss. Maybe you just need what Google Analytics gives you but create for simplicity? Perhaps you don’t want to live another day having to see...

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