Day: April 21, 2016

JumpShare: Sharing Is Now Professional

You do have Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, and many other tools to store files, sort them, and share them. Each of those apps are cool and they all serve various purposes. Evernote alone is used in so many different ways that I’d need a separate website just focusing on Evernote alone. Yet, something seems to be amiss. If you share a dropbox folder or a file hosted on DropBox, you can download it. With a public sharing link grabbed off Evernote, you can view it if someone sends it to you. You see how primitive sharing is, as you read...

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Top Magento Extensions You Should Plug Into Now

  Ecommerce boasts of an explosive growth story worldwide and is still growing. According to Statista, B2C ecommerce sales numbers are pegged at 1.92 Trillion dollars by 2016, worldwide. All that growth is powered by able platforms developed to support ecommerce. As such, an Alexa 1 million top sites survey by Ahead Works  declares Magento as the unbeatable, top ecommerce platform in the world. Update: Magento is really good, but it’s resource heavy — in the sense that you can’t just plug and play, and it’s not WordPress, and it’s certainly not for the small guy. If you are...

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