Day: April 15, 2016

Launchrock: Looking Good Before You Arrive

I am not sure if you realized it (it’d be pretty presumptuous on my part to assume that you’d) but I used before we started out with this website for some early promotions and for the pre-launch. Launchrock can be a great way to showcase your business and sign-up users pre-launch and it works remarkably well since it’s based out of WordPress (which is easy to install and use). It’s the fastest way to acquire customers. It comes as a minimalist theme with a single page and an optional email sign-up module that you can use before you...

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Google Primer: High Quality Marketing Education, In Your Pocket

Struggling to learn all about marketing? Do you suffer from conflicting advice on absolutely any tom, dick, jane, and harry who claim to be “digital marketing experts”? I call myself that too, and I’d understand if you feel the same way. The Internet is full of information all right, but little do you know about the authenticity of that information unless you actually spend money and go through the motions of actually hiring digital marketing agencies or experts. If they are half as good as they claim to be, you’d be able to get your worth. Sadly, most agencies...

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