Day: April 12, 2016

WalkMe: When It’s Time To Hold Visitors’ Hands, What Do You Do?

Disclaimer: This was the first post we ever wrote for GroovyWebTools, and that’s been a long time ago. Ever since, WalkMe started off as a little Firefox Extension into a multi-pronged Swiss Army Knife on user engagement & user experience. As such, this post is now completely rewritten and published to reflect that. Did you ever find that you needed to explain a process, in steps? Were you ever mesmerized by the beautiful way some financial trading portals showcase their demo, which goes something like: Click this> do this>get coffee > do that> get off the computer> come back>...

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15 Fascinating Twitter Tools You Should Grab Today

Twitter is a Fascinating Joyride. From news to updates; from networking to connecting with brands; from sharing to letting the world know how awesome you are, Twitter is awesome (if not addictive). As a business, however, just a joyride won’t do. You’d need ROI. You’d need to make your Twitter presence count. As such, here are a few tools that can help you out. Keyhole Keyhole is suave, sexy, and incredibly reesoureful if Twitter means anything for your business. Enter a hashtag, a keyword, or a URL and you have all sorts of data that pops up to tell...

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