Day: April 8, 2016

LaPa: Landing Pages Inspiration, Delivered

Oh, we are so lost on Landing Pages inspiration, the whole lot of us. Yet, we also have plenty of it when we need to. Landing pages, you all know, is critical for any kind of campaign. You need some sort of action, you’d need a landing page to help capture all the lead generation action, provide focus for the campaign, help boost the conversion rates,and the most bang for your buck. Most landing page inspiration examples usually come from blog posts from the popular blogs such as HubSpot, Unbounce, or WishPond. Those are good ones, and you’d do...

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Charlie App: Clinch Deals, and Sell Like God Does

Pick any successful entrepreneur and you’ll see a few things common: They build great businesses. They have great teams. They have systems and processes for everything. Everyone else is somewhere on the way to that kind of success. Now, starting a business is easy. Finding teams and building systems is the hard part. Thankfully, a few resourceful entrepreneurs and technology helps ease this journey. While the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Daymond John, and every other hotshot entrepreneur would have an executive assistant to brief them up before meetings, the rest of us have to depend on Google or LinkedIn....

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