Day: April 7, 2016

Cyfe: All-In-One-Dashboard Just Makes Your Life Easy, If Not Better

There’s big data, and then there’s data for the little guys. Small businesses don’t need overwhelm and that’s where web-tools like Cyfe look like virtual heroes. Did you know businesses spend more than 80% of their time digging information and to collect, organize, analyze, and report data? That’s pure overwhelm and you can forget about making sense of this data. Believe it or not – and clichéd or not – time is really money. Ask anyone who bills by the hour and all that time wasted is “non-billed hours”. As marketing gets more multi-channeled, data sprawl is just as...

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Social Selling? Cool Plugins to Make it Happen

We advocate a super cool, “give it all away” front when it comes to social media. We believe in engagement, conversations, solving problems, and establishing a brand’s credibility on social media. It’s all nice but when conversations with potential customers turn into active sales conversations which have the potential to close, how do you keep track of these multiple – but all too important – conversations? Are CRM solutions equipped to route inbound leads from social media? Fortunately, CRM solutions are more than well equipped. In fact, many social lead generation tools and almost all social networks now understand...

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