Day: April 6, 2016

Make it to The Groovy List: What You Should Know

If you have an app, a business tool, a SaaS application, a review will go a long way to get you some traction. There’s no doubt that many of the tools and applications we review (and thousands of others that we don’t or haven’t yet reviewed) are really awesome. Yet, I don’t review all of the tools and apps. In fact, some of them don’t even end up on my “To Do” list. I’ll admit I am no Techcrunch or ReadWriteWeb. At this point of my blogging journey, Groovywebtools is just a baby and being listed here or not...

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How to Choose the Right Web-Based Tool, The Right Way

Are you drowning in the seemingly endless morass of tools available on the Internet? While I might squeal with delight with the number of tools available for me to review on, you might not particularly like the fact that there are way too many good tools available. As you very well know, extremely availability of options can cause brain damage, hurt your decision-making process, kill your time, make you tired, or perhaps just give it all up and run to take cover in the cooler shades of woods (with you toes caressing idle streams of water). Here’s what you...

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HopScratch: Get Your Business-in-a-Box

If you thought that running a business is hard, starting itself is a huge problem for a lot of us. Some of us are lucky enough to born with a bullet in our boots but for a lot of us, the “start” itself is intimidating. They say that taking action is half the battle won. But to take action, something has to move. Since too many people fail to start or “start right”, what you might need is that you get most things handed over to you in a platter (except success, of course). Every aspect of start and...

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